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PLC and Robot programming Training Courses

Training courses

We believe and understand that design is the base of any project. Our experienced engineers and our utilization of state of art designing tools compliment our belief. Our Design Engineers are well trained and experienced to use most modern designing hardware and software tools to meet the international standards. Our design team undertakes the responsibility of detailed design starting from P&ID, instrument hook up drawings, Panel layout drawings, preparation of Functional Design Specifications, General Arrangement Drawings, Test Procedures, as- Built Drawings and Documents and Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Our PLC courses are designed to train professionals who identify themselves as PLC Technician Programmers. These classes are ideal for technicians who wish to develop their knowledge in the field of industrial automation, by the use of latest generation programmable logic controls

comprensione di base della programmazione PLC, principio di funzionamento degli I/O, configurazione CPU, configurazione hardware e sistemi di bus campo, presentazione dei diversi linguaggi di programmazione, indicizzazione programma per la visualizzazione di dati su pannello operatore.

commissioning of hardware systems and fieldbus, optimization of cycle time, troubleshooting

standards for the automotive industry

we can offer our training services to businesses, individuals, and schools, for the preparation of robot technical programmers. These courses are normally conducted by the same professionals who approach our customers with the intention to offer their students a very practically orientated education, closely related to the world of work, and using the latest technologies

Basic understanding and programming of the robot, including handling, calibration axes, calculation of TCP, calculation of the work space, creation of simple programs, saving and editing, as well as the main functions of the operator panel

System configuration of fieldbus networks, advanced functions on the control panel, structures of complex programs

Standards of automotive industry and their applications