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is a firm specialized in engineering, consulting, manufacturing and integration of automated production systems. We provide innovative, technological production systems and solutions to a wide range of customers. Our teams of qualified experts never fail to come up with innovative ideas and concepts which contribute to the fulfillment of our client’s requirements. Thus, we simplify day to day progress in the fields of manufacturing and industrial processes. Keeping in mind the global Industrial automation field, we, at Quarks Automation and Robotics combine innovative engineering solutions with the client’s convenience and ease of usage. Thus, helping companies of all sizes - and across a wide range of industrial segments - leverage the full potential of digital manufacturing. We are a young and experienced team working together to bring out the best ideas and execute them to meet the requirement of the client. We strive to give the best product without any compromise in its quality, in the aspects of productivity, accuracy, reliability, and durability.

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Services We Offer You From Our Company

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System Design

We believe and understand that design is the base of any project. Our experienced engineers and our utilization of state of art designing tools compliment our belief.

Service Service


The general organizational structure of our company is meant to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. Our young & dynamic team consists of experienced technicians.

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Automation Consultancy

Our excellent knowledge of latest technologies related to production processes, allows us to minutely manage & control the handling of all resources needed; the timing and method

Service Service

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Quarks Automation & Robotic’s service technicians provide production system, robotics support and training which includes minor robot programming, complete robotic integration for your automated robotics and re-educating current staff for new automation.

Service Service


The advantage of using our training is undoubtedly the ability to organize tailor made courses, according to the needs of the customer. All our courses are designed and developed with the idea of training technicians who have to be immediately put into action.



Our projects are planned and executed following an intense project management methodology. Our project management methodology is closely aligned with Project Management Institute (PMI) procedures. This results in effective scope management, resource utilization, quality, budgeting and scheduling of resources and projects alike.

We follow the following six phase approach to execute our projects

Service Service 1


During this phase we understand the requirements of the user and the scope the project, plan for the project resources and prepare the budget and schedule. These elements form the basis of the project, and the source against which progress will be measured

Service Service 2


The phase where engagement policies are finalized and counter-signed by both the parties. The project lead works intensively with the client to understand the requirements of the project. They also agree on a desired solution and the architecture or process to be followed for development.

Service Service 3


The phase when the actual project is carried out including the procurement of controls hardware and instrumentation, control panel fabrication, and software development. During this phase, the project plan is revisited in order to ensure that timelines are met and are within the budget of the project. This also helps to escalate any issues to the concerned parties.

Service Service 4

Factory Testing

Before the final product is delivered to the client, it is tested by the Project team in order to ensure that all the 04 requirements and standards are met.

Service Service 5

Field Installation

If required by the customer, we carry on all field installation of our control panels, instrumentation, and electrical panels 05 including the controls, network field cabling and containment system

Service Service 6

Commissioning & Field Testing

is the actual deployment of the product at the client site. This phase is carried out in accordance with the testing and commissioning protocol developed by the project team


Our customer support is always available [24/7] for any type of support services such as on-site audits, start-ups, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of products.


By increasing productivity while battling a reduced skilled labor workforce, automation has given businesses an essential tool to be successful. However, while pushing these boundaries to advance ourselves, we must always remember that people are essential and must be protected. While great advancements occur to push a company’s overall yield, safety risk should also be a major interest. The great thing about the innovations we have made in the technology is that it can help improve safety in our working environments so that productivity and quality do not deteriorate. Appropriate safety in automated systems should ensure that the potential risk for injuries is at zero for employees. So keeping this in mind we also care a lot of factors in ensuring people’s safety while designing and implementing of our products

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The robots can do the repetitive jobs and people can be creative and improve the ways to do manufacturing. This can make it more efficient and cost-effective,” he said. BCG's Sirkin added that in the auto sector, producing an item with a robot was already more cost-effective than using a human.


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